Route VL8

Clapham - Oakley - Harrold - Sharnbrook - Peterborough

When: 2nd Friday of each month

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the timetable, this means the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only.
Clapham, Community Centre0900Peterborough, Queensgate, Bus Stn1400
Oakley, High Street0906Warmington (Peterborough Rd)1416
Stevington, Cross0913Thorpe Waterville (Fox Inn)1437
Pavenham, Weavers Lane0923Stanwick Lakes1448
Felmersham, Sun0932Sharnbrook, Church1503
Carlton, The Fox0938Odell, The Bell1510
Harrold, Centre0943Harrold, Centre1516
Odell, The Bell0950Carlton, The Fox1518
Sharnbrook, Church0955Felmersham, Sun1523
Stanwick Lakes1015Pavenham, Weavers Lane1532
Thorpe Waterville (Fox Inn)1028Stevington, Cross1537
Warmington (Peterborough Rd)1040Oakley, High Street1540
Peterborough, Queensgate, Bus Stn1056Clapham, Community Centre1546