Route VL14

Felmersham - Sharnbrook - Riseley - Kimbolton - Huntingdon - St Ives

When: 3rd Monday of each month

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the timetable, this means the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only.
Felmersham, Sun0850RRSt Ives, Bus Station1415
Sharnbrook, Opp Nisa Store0900Huntingdon, Bus Station1430
Bletsoe, A6 Bus Stop0905Brampton, Thrapston Road1433
Milton Ernest0907Perry, Wheatsheaf1444
Gt. Staughton (The Snooty Tavern)1447
Riseley, High St (Gold St) 0917Dillington, Crossroads1446
Riseley, Middle School0920Stonely, Main Road1450
Swineshead, Church0923Kimbolton, Post Office1452
Melchbourne Village0929RRTilbrook, White Horse1455
Upper Dean, Prince of Wales0933Lower Dean, Post Office1458
Shelton, Bus Stop0937Shelton, Bus Stop1503
Lower Dean, Post Office0942Upper Dean, Prince of Wales1507
Tilbrook, White Horse0945Melchbourne, Village1511RR
Kimbolton, Post Office0948Swineshead, Church1517
Stonely, Main Road0950Riseley, Middle School1520
Gt. Staughton (The Snooty Tavern)0953
Dillington, Crossroads0954Riseley, High St (Gold St) 1523
Perry, Opp Wheatsheaf0956Milton Ernest1533
Brampton, Thrapston Road1007Bletsoe, A6 Bus Stop1535
Huntingdon, Bus Station1010Sharnbrook, Swan1540
St Ives, Bus Station1025Felmersham, Sun1550RR