Route VL13

Sharnbrook - Riseley - Melchbourne - Rushden, Waitrose / Rushden Lakes

When: 2nd Monday of each month

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the timetable, this means the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only.
Sharnbrook, Church0915Rushden, Waitrose / Rushden Lakes1201RR
Sharnbrook, Opp Nisa Store0916Rushden, College Street1210RR
Bletsoe, Opp Church0923Newton Bromswold VillageRR
Riseley, High St (Gold St) 0930Yelden, High Street /Spring LaneRR
Riseley, Middle School0933MelchbourneRR
Swineshead, Church0936Upper DeanRR
Upper Dean0943Swineshead, ChurchRR
Melchbourne0948Riseley, Middle SchoolRR
Yelden, High Street /Spring Lane0953Riseley, High St (Gold St) RR
Newton Bromswold Village0957Sharnbrook, Swan & ChurchRR
Rushden, College Street1003RRBletsoe, Opp ChurchRR
Rushden, Waitrose / Rushden Lakes1012RR