Route VL13

Sharnbrook - Riseley - Melchbourne - Rushden Town Centre / Rushden Lakes

When: 2nd Monday of each month

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the timetable, this means the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only.
Sharnbrook, Church0915
Sharnbrook, Opp Nisa Store0916
Bletsoe, Opp Church0923
Riseley, High St (Gold St) 0930Rushden, Waitrose1201RR
Riseley, Middle School0933Rushden, College Street1210RR
Swineshead, Church0936Newton Bromswold VillageRR
Upper Dean0943Yelden, High Street /Spring LaneRR
Yelden, High Street /Spring Lane0953Upper DeanRR
Newton Bromswold Village0957Swineshead, ChurchRR
Rushden, College Street1003Riseley, Middle SchoolRR
Rushden, Waitrose1012RRRiseley, High St (Gold St) RR
Sharnbrook, Swan & ChurchRR
Bletsoe, Opp ChurchRR