Route VL11

Sharnbrook/Odell - Harrold - Sainsbury’s (Bedford, Clapham Road)

When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the timetable, this means the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only.
Sharnbrook, Opp Fordham Arms0930Sainsbury's1140
Sharnbrook Court0935Clapham1145
Sharnbrook Swan0937Pavenham1157
Sharnbrook, Lodge Road0940Carlton, The Fox1206
Odell, The Bell 0943Harrold, Centre1212
Harrold, Centre0948Odell, The Bell1217
Carlton, The Fox0954Sharnbrook, Lodge Road1220
Pavenham1003Sharnbrook, Opp Nisa Store1223
Clapham1015Sharnbrook Court1225
Sainsbury's1020Sharnbrook Fordham Arms1230